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Note: the measurement form will walk you through how to do each measurement. I promise you can do this.

  • Please note that your fit is only as good as the measurements you give us.
  • Please don't give us old measurements or guess at your measurements,
  • Please try and have someone else measure you with a proper fabric tape measure that is in good shape. If you don't have a tape measure you can use a non-stretchy ribbon and measure the ribbon lengths with a regular flat tape measure.
  • DO wear underwear (or bedlah bra if appropriate) and shoes of the same type you intend to wear with your new costume when you take your measurements
  • Do NOT add or subtract extra inches to a measurement unless you are absolutely certain you are about to have a size change. Too tight won't look better in a garment, nor will too loose.
  • Do NOT second-guess measurements: "dresses are always too short on me so I will add 4" to the actual desired length..." or "dresses always cut in too much in the front so I'll say I'm 3" bigger in the hips..." Just tell us your measurements and trust us. We will fix it if there is a problem caused by your real measurements.
  • YOUR MEASUREMENTS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will never be divulged to a soul! WE SWEAR!



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